Thank you for your interest in making an online gift to support the ministry!

Your gift right now can help to External link opens in new tab or windowrebuild lives of the ones who are in abusive relationship, the less fortunate, and our food pantry.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Cash Donation - Click the "Donate" button above make the checks payable to: Faith Church of God and mail it to 1837 NW 38th AVE, Lauderhill, FL 33311.

Real Estate Donation - Eligible properties: Vacant Land or Commercial Building

Your real estate may be worth more as a tax deduction and end your obligations on your property. You will receive a valuable tax deduction based on the full appraised value of your property. Call or email now for further details. Why donate real estate?

  • Fast closing

  • Your full or partial equity donation may mean much more money to you!

  • You'll feel good knowing you are helping a worthy charity


From Charity Navigator - The following is a brief summary of certain federal income tax laws for informational purposes only. We urge you to consult your tax advisor for the federal, state, and local tax consequences of a charitable contribution.

A gift to a qualified charitable organization may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax if you itemize deductions.

If the gifts are deductible, the actual cost of the donation is reduced by your tax savings. For example, if you are in the 33% tax bracket, the actual cost of a $100 donation is only $67 ($100 less the $33 tax savings). As your income tax bracket increases, the real cost of your charitable gift decreases, making contributions more attractive for those in higher brackets. The actual cost to a person in the lowest bracket, 15%, for a $100 contribution is $85. For a person in the highest bracket, 35%, the actual cost is only $65. Not only can the wealthy afford to give more, but they receive a larger reward for giving.